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China Market Consulting is one of TE+A’s specialist services geared toward small and medium US enterprises (SMEs). With a presence in China for over 10 years, China Market Consulting has evolved into a significant practice in TE+A. Our service helps solve issues facing US SMEs and smooth their way to the China venture. We will act as a bridge partnering with our SME clients who need adequate resources, capability, and experience from us, to make that happen.


China is the largest market in the world. With the rapid growth of its economy, China’s manufacturing and other business-related environments have improved substantially, and China’s consumption market has expanded ten-fold compared to a few years ago.

This creates tremendous business opportunities for US SMEs. However, SMEs mostly lack adequate experience with the China market, and they need an experienced partner to facilitate their China activities for the following reasons:

Unique Business Environment

  • Although China has evolved for over 30 years, and most of its economic system has completed the transition from government run planned economy to today’s market economy, the old system still leaves deep mark on local business environment, practices, and even on people’s mentality. Such influence may linger for another few decades. As a result, many economic policies or regulations are still quite different from those of a western market economy. Foreign companies are easily puzzled or led to make wrong decisions without the guidance of a partner who knows how to navigate this system.


  • Most Chinese people have very limited English capability, and cultures in different regions within the country vary significantly. With help of TE+A China Market Consulting, we can help our client overcome the language/culture barrier. Full and complete understanding between the SMEs and their Chinese counterparts is a key ingredient for a successful business arrangement.

Cost Factor

  • TE+A China Market Consulting tailors its service mainly toward SME clients with very reasonable and affordable service rates. We keep close engagement with our clients via emails and J-I-T update. We will make sure our client feels our presence and assistance in each of their moves to China.




Market Snapshot

Service Overview
Interested in the China market, but not sure of its "depth of water"? Market Snapshot offers you a radar overview of your industry in the China market, so you can make a rudimentary judgment on whether this is a suitable market to your company.

Target Audience
CEOs/General Managers of SMEs who have been successfull in their home market and preferably a few overseas markets, and plan to expand into the China market.

Service Deliverable-Market Snapshot Report

  • Industry Overview
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Channel analysis
  • Distribution Channel analysis
  • Host country risk analysis


Anchoring Business Setup

Service Overview
Have you determined that China is a promising market, but not clear with how to go through the complex registration process? The Anchoring Business Set Up service offers you a one-stop solution.

Target Audience
Project owners of SMEs who need to set up the company's China operation.

Service Deliverable

  • Office/Site selection
  • Company registration


Sourcing Procurement

Service Overview
Are you suffering the high material cost in your home country, and wish to reduce your cost through offshore sourcing, but are concerned with the quality control or on-time delivery? Our Sourcing Procurement service helps solve these issues.

Target Audience
Purchasing Managers of SMEs who are under high cost pressures and motivated to reduce material cost.

Service Deliverable

  • Supplier selections
  • Due-Diligence on prospect suppliers
  • Negotiations with suppliers on product purchase
  • Supervision on order execution
  • On-going supplier audit


Outsourcing Operation

Service Overview
Are you suffering the high labor cost and inefficient operations in your home country, and wish to reduce your labor cost and improve operation efficiencies through outsourcing, but are concerned with partner selections? The Outsourcing Operation service helps solve these issues.

Target Audience
CEOs/COOs of SMEs who are under high cost pressures and motivated to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency.

Service Deliverable

  • Partner selections
  • Due-Diligence on prospect partners
  • Negotiations with partners on outsourcing transactions
  • Facilitator between the client and China partners


Navigating China Territories

Service Overview
You have heard of China as a market full of opportunities and risks, and want to visit the country and get first-hand experience, but you need a local guide. Navigating China Territory will help you to achieve your objective.

Target Audience
CEOs/Project Managers of SMEs who are delegated to research China market.

Service Deliverable

  • Arrange both international and domestic travels itineraries
  • Arrange meeting schedules with interested parties
  • Participation all meetings as advisors and interpreter
  • Be staffed on project team and become an advisor to the project
  • Other services as required by the clients


Rep. Office Set-Up

Service Overview
Need to maintain a presence in China, but want to do it at a minimum cost? Rep. Office Set Up service offers one solution.

Target Audience
CEOs/General Managers of SMEs who intend to keep a representative in China as a point of contact in the China market.

Service Deliverable

  • Lease shared space to the client
  • Access to full office facility including dedicated phone number, internet, copy machine, fax machine
  • Payroll and HR related services
  • Other services as required by the clients


Incubation Pilot Operations

Service Overview
Not quite sure of the China market, and do not want to fully step into this market? Incubation Pilot Operations service offers a "Cool-off Period" solution.

Target Audience
CEOs/General Managers of SMEs who want to have a pilot operation in the China market, and rely on the pilot result to determine their next steps.

Service Deliverable

  • Assistance in putting together the pilot operation under our license, so the client does not need to make registration at this stage
  • Management of the staff of the clients
  • Provide tax, payroll and HR services to the operation
  • Seamless transition (or closure) of the operation to the client if the client decides to register its own China entity after the pilot period
  • Other services as required by the clients


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